About Us

Stefanie Mauro Owner of Think Hemp Chicks

Think Hemp Chicks is a woman-owned business by a San Diego native, mother, and wife, Stefanie Mauro. She has been a canna-patient for many years due to chronic back pain and stomach issues. These evolved from her background in gymnastics, past pregnancies, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). These aches and pains lead our founder and CEO to gear her towards the use of hemp to heal. The more she used it, the more she believed in the power of the hemp plant.

She started researching everything you could know about cannabis, medicine, and our health care system. While upon her research she came across a video of Women’s Grow, which has chapters of women activities that support our future with cannabis. She was so grateful to find this community in Orange County, that it inspired her to start her cannabis journey.

Though she was so thrilled to start her new journey with cannabis, she battled with the ideals of hemp being part of her life. These fears and doubts came from the fears of what her old school Italian family would think. She did not want to be deemed as a “pot head,” or “lazy,” or any other negative connotation that is used with using cannabis.

She later realized that cannabis was, and is a positive, enforcement in her life. She became more aware of her body and mind, as the cannabis plant helped her relive those back and stomach problems as well as promote better patience, handle stress, and process ideas with a more imaginative mind.

Stef always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur; she knew that her recent discovery of hemp was what she wanted to pursue as her life passion. She was so inspired by these strong and positive side effects of cannabis, that she wanted to educate other like-minded women.

She wanted to enforce their lives by spreading the good in what cannabis and hemp can do for us.

Think Hemp Chicks was created to help bring awareness to individuals about the benefits of the hemp plant, and to provide people with high-quality products. Think Hemp Chicks is your online boutique for the canna lifestyle. We carry a wide variety of products which include CBD hemp products, apparel, and accessories. We believe that canna lifestyle is important and essential for one’s health and wellness routine. It is time to change the stigma of marijuana to cannabis and to learn more about your modern-day consumer.