The significance of Cannastyle and how you should embrace it

Posted by Gianna Crivello on

Think Hemp Chicks was created to help bring awareness to individuals about the benefits of cannabis and hemp wellness in order to provide people with high-quality products.

Think Hemp Chicks is the online boutique for the cannabis lifestyle. We carry a wide variety of products which include CBD hemp products, apparel, and accessories. We believe that the cannabis lifestyle is important and essential for one's health and wellness routine. 

It is time to change the stigma of Marijuana to Cannabis. A way we did this was we came up with a term called “cannastyle.” To learn more about the cannastyle for the modern-day consumer, read on to find out!

Cannastyle, what does it mean?

Cannastyle essentially is embracing the cannabis-hemp plant and all it has to offer. From fashion to artwork, to consumption, and repping cannabis/hemp as a whole. Cannabis/hemp, as we like to promote here at Think Hemp Chicks, has so many positive qualities; such as, promoting relaxation, emotional balance, and recovery from stress. If there are so many mind, and body, positives for cannabis, then why does it have such a negative connotation? 

So, we like to consider ourselves experts at cannastyle. If you are struggling at finding ways to open up about your connection to cannabis/hemp we have a few suggestions for you on how you can do just that. 

Use Cannabis/Hemp

If you like cannabis and/or hemp, we say to use it. You don’t have to broadcast it to the whole world if you don’t feel comfortable; we understand how some of the world perceives it. But, we think that if you like cannabis/hemp and you want to use it, you should! Don’t stop using something that you feel is positively helping your body. Using cannabis and hemp is just another way of embracing the cannastyle life. 

Here at Think Hemp Chicks, we have products to choose from that can get you into the cannastyle life with ease. We have various CBD bath bombs and infused gummies on our site that you can use daily. Our CBD infused bath bombs and gummies are the perfect Segway for anyone to embrace cannastyle. We just hope one day you get to the point where you’d want to share your cannastyle to the world!

Wear Cannabis/Hemp Themed Apparel

Another way to change the stigma is by rocking your cannastyle with cannabis/hemp themed apparel. Though we have products to choose from on our site that is great for day-to-day use, we also have cannabis-themed apparel that can let your cannastyle truly shine. We have t-shirts, necklaces, earrings, and heck we even have the perfect mugs for you to be bold around the office with. 

If you’re someone who truly wants to change the stigma from marijuana to cannabis then rocking these pieces that we have on our site is just the thing for you. We’re all about that “screw it” mindset when repping cannastyle. So, screw it! Be bold, be true, be you and wear that canna-hemp leaf with pride, hun. No one can stop you.

Educate people about CBD

We do believe that cannabis is starting to grow more and more with how it is viewed; however, it is nowhere where we want it to be. That is where you come in. 

Here at Think Hemp Chicks, we do CBD educational parties for you and loved ones that are interested. Having a Hemp party is an exceptional way to bring those you care about together and educate them about all there is to know about hemp. Believe it or not, there are some people who ask themselves, “what is CBD?” This way you can educate those on what it is, the differences between CBD vs THC, the differences of dosing, and why we think you should say cannabis instead of marijuana. 

Yes, we understand that right now with COVID-19 that this moment in time isn’t the best time to have an educational party. However, we just want to let our audience know that this is an option for the future that we truly hope we can incorporate again soon. However, Think Hemp Chicks has gotten on the Zoom trend during quarantine where you can purchase a zoom link for a party. Though we’d love to have a representative at your home, this is second best.

So, here you go. Cannastyle in a nutshell. Whether you use it, wear it, or educate about it, its cannastyle. 

Truly, cannastyle is broad. Define your own way to cannastyle, it doesn’t have to be what we suggested. There are so many ways that you can embrace cannabis and hemp into your life. We just hope we helped you kickstart your cannastyle journey in the right direction.