Small Business Saturday-Supporting Small Business During Covid

Posted by Gianna Crivello on

It’s no doubt that we all see the damage that COVID-19 has done to today’s world. People are getting sick, people are afraid to leave their homes or even see their family members in fear of spreading the virus that has swept the world. Not to mention, business and millions of employees have suffered greatly. 

With this upcoming holiday season, we decided to create a post dedicated to small businesses going through this tough time, Here is why you should support small businesses during this holiday season. 


Supporting small businesses means you’re supporting your local community 

Buying from local small businesses means that you’re supporting someone in your community. Trying to develop a business is hard work, time, money, and not to mention stress (even without COVID-19 coming in and causing more of it). By supporting a small business, you’re supporting someone’s passion and hard work. 


When a small business owner makes a sale, no matter how small or large, it means the world because it solidifies their passion. So, go out there and support a small business and make a business owner’s day. 


Small businesses are made by regular people, just like you

Small businesses are made by regular people, maybe even one that you know that resides in your own neighborhood. Not by an algorithm created by a large software system, or a multimillionaire investment holder. They are created by a real person and run by a handful of people, who focus on the company’s mission statement and goals and find ways they can achieve with the resources they have. By supporting local businesses, you support regular people just like you. 


Support regular people trying to make a difference by turning to their small business before you go to the larger corporations. 


Small businesses are where creative juices flow, and innovation is present

Large corporations tend to the need of the large majority, they don’t have a specific niche or brand. Large corporations such as department stores, and warehouses, are great for bulk shopping and finding the needs of everyday people but they don’t have that innovation or creative eye that small businesses carry. 


Small businesses typically have their specific niche, which draws a specific audience, and try to reach specific goals. For example, Think Hemp Chicks mission is to stop the negative stigma of cannabis, especially that stigma towards women. We try to embrace the cannabis lifestyle, or “cannastyle” into every day. We find creative ways to try to break the negative stigma with our products, social media presence, and educational posts. This is where the innovation and creative aspect is present within Think Hemp Chicks, and so many other small businesses. 


How you can support small businesses without spending money

All small businesses have goals they try to reach. If you’re drawn to a specific small business, you’re part of the audience that that small business is trying to achieve and grow. The easiest way to support a small business is through social media. You can do this by following their Instagram, liking a Facebook post, retweeting, or even just tagging friends you think might be interested in supporting said small business. 


You have no idea how important liking, commenting and sharing social media posts are to a small business. Social media algorithms change all the time, it doesn’t matter how many followers a company’s page may have if their posts likes, comments, and shares are low means that the company isn’t reaching a large audience on social media. Share, share, share! Sometimes, a repost is better than a purchase. Think about it, you repost a picture on your Instagram story that came from a small business’ profile, you just shared it with hundreds of people who are potential buyers and followers of the company.



Why we care so much about supporting small businesses 

As a small business, we always preach to support other small businesses. Especially during this trying time where tons of small businesses have gone under, and tons of business owners had to give up their passions. Thankfully, Think Hemp Chicks is still doing their passion of trying to change the stigma of women and cannabis. This year has been a trying one, but we are still able to do what we love. 


Because Think Hemp Chicks is so grateful for all of the support this year with our small business, we’re celebrating! Small Business is on Saturday, November 28th, and as a small business, we want to commend this day with a sale to all of those who have stood by us this year. So stay tuned for those deals, especially as the holiday season is about to roll around.