Letting Your Family Know About Your Cannabis Use During the Holidays

Posted by Gianna Crivello on


It’s no secret that the holidays are right around the corner. This is a time of year that most people treasure with their loved ones. While this year has been difficult due to COVID-19, it brings all more the reason to cherish the people you love the most. We all want to enjoy our holiday season with our family and friends, safely of course. While enjoying old traditions, playing holiday games, and enjoying the good ol’ fashioned sweet treats and savory meals. 


The holiday season is the time to celebrate. Family holiday parties are always so much fun, there's usually wine, spiked eggnog, and other holiday cocktails being enjoyed. Though the booze is being past around; however, for some family’s, cannabis is a little taboo. We understand how some families might give you the side eye for using cannabis. But, why should you be judged for enjoying cannabis during the holiday season, while others are indulging with their favorite booze? Seems unfair, right? 


If you feel like you can’t use it in front of your family, but you want to, we have come up with a few different ways that you can let your family know about your use during the holidays. 


Be up front about it

This is always the easiest way to let your family know about your cannabis use. Be straight up. Sometimes ripping the bandaid off is the easiest way to let your family know.

You can tell them ahead of time that you’ll be using cannabis in some way. Let your family know that you’re open to answering any questions they may have, and clearing up any concerns. Especially if there will be children present. Remember to be respectful when doing this, not everyone is a cannabis lover like you are. Though that can be frustrating, it's better to educate than to leave people with their dwelling assumptions. 

You can tell them differences between different cannabis strains, the different ways of using cannabis, how it helps you, and how you prefer it over alcohol. This way they can hear from your point of view about how cannabis benefits your life. Hopefully, your family understands the positives of cannabis in your life, and not focus solely on the fact that you’ll be using cannabis during the holiday season and how they feel about it. Just remember, your cannabis use is your choice. 


If there are kids present, and your family is still iffy about it

Let’s say your family already knows about your cannabis use, (whether you’re past the step of being upfront about it, or they simply already knew) but they have kids around and they don’t want the kiddos to know that you’ll be going out for a smoke. Come up with a keyword, or phrase, that lets your family know that you’ll be going outside for a few hits without the children knowing anything. 

The internet kinda pokes fun at this notion with family gatherings with the term, “we’re going for a walk.” There have been countless memes of, “You know what that means when your older cousin is ‘going for a walk.’” Wink, wink, etc. Well, you can come up with a keyword as well.

Make these keywords towards how your family will easily respond to them. You can say something holiday themed like, “I’m gonna go outside to see the Christmas lights,” “I’m stuffed from all the turkey.” If you don’t want to get creative you can simply say, “I’m gonna go get some fresh air.” Heck, you can even use the ol’, “I’m going for a walk.” Whichever works for you, there is no right or wrong way of doing this. 


Make sure they are comfortable

Regardless of how you may feel about cannabis, make sure that you’re still respecting your loved ones. Especially if the holiday gatherings aren’t going to be at your house. Making sure that your family is comfortable is going to make it for a better holiday season. 

Like we said before, make sure to answer all their questions and concerns, educate them more so how you feel about it and how it benefits you. 

Who knows, they may like the information you gave them about cannabis and they may ask for a puff at the Christmas party, or even for you to make some “happy brownies.” You can find our recipe for how to make cannabutter to incorporate into your holiday recipes! And, if they turned a new leaf (pun intended) make sure you get them something from our shop this holiday season! There’s gonna be tons of sales coming up, such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and of course Cyber Monday! And much more through out the holiday season. 

We’re all about cannastyle and changing the stigma! This is just another way to change the stigma this holiday season through your loved ones. And hopefully there will be a chain reaction, and your family members rave about it to their friends, and so on. 

So, happy holidays! Stay safe, and we hope you enjoy this precious time with your loved ones.