How to Make Cannabutter to Incorporate into your Holiday Recipes

Posted by Gianna Crivello on

How to Make Cannabutter (For Adults 21+ Only) 

We at Think Hemp Chicks are all for the Holiday season and giving danks to those who deserve it most in our lives. What better way to spend the upcoming holiday season than to give danks to those you love.

Though we mentioned this recipe in our blog, How to have a low-key quarantine Halloween, we decided it would be best to leave this recipe on its own for all of our viewers to look back on if-and when-they'll need it most. 

Use this recipe in your mashed potatoes, your stuffing, your holiday sweets. Brownies, pies, cookies. The possibilities for the use of this cannabutter is endless. 

Here is what you'll need: 

  1. 1 stick of butter 
  2. Halloween colored sprinkles
  3. Candy Corn
  4. ⅛ of an Ounce of cannabis flower
  5. 1 cup of water
  6. Cheese Cloth
  7. Strainer

Step 1: Take your ⅛ of cannabis flower and put it in the oven at 325 degrees for 45 minutes

Step 2: Once the cannabis flower is out of the oven, put your stick of butter and 1 cup of flower over medium-low heat. 

Step 3: Put the oven-baked cannaflower in the melted butter and water mixture and leave it to simmer for 3 hours. Come back every 30 minutes to give it a stir. 

Step 4: Strain your butter mixture into a storage container (preferably glass) and place it into the fridge till hardened. 

Step 5: Take your newly hardened butter and notice the pool of water at the bottom of your Tupperware. Carefully with a knife cut a sliver at the edge of your storage container to leave a large enough hole for you to drain the water out. 

And there you have it, cannabutter!

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Holidays from all of us at Think Hemp Chicks, and we hope you like it, and get as much use out of it as we do.