Change the stigma by rocking your Canna Lifestyle

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Are you someone who is part of cannabis or hemp culture? Whether you smoke, consume, or even bathe in it. Hemp and cannabis have so many components that can promote positivity into your everyday life! It can promote optimal health, relaxation, emotional balance, and relieve inflammation. However, there is still so much stigma about hemp, especially cannabis, due to the mass media’s view on weed in general. Weed, as we know it, is not what people think. So, here are some reasons as to why you should rock your canna lifestyle. 


Wear your hemp apparel with pride! Hemp and cannabis are good, and they do amazing things to the body, so rock it. When people comment on it, educate them. It’s an opportunity to rock the cannabis lifestyle in a positive light, with an added opportunity to educate people. 


Think Hemp Chicks started out as wanting to educate the public and reduce the stigma of the cannabis lifestyle. So not only will you have the opportunity of educating those around you, but wearing your favorite cannabis themed apparel will start to normalize it in society. Further allowing the stigma of hemp and cannabis to reduce. The more people see the lifestyle in everyday life, the more it won’t be seen as a negative concept. 

Those who support it know it is not bad, but those who have never been exposed to the culture, or who are closed-minded about it, paint that negative connotation. Therefore, we encourage you to wear your canna lifestyle. Be that person who goes against the status quo to normalize it. 


Your body, your choice. Who cares about what people think. You are your own person, your body is your billboard, so rock what you want. Nobody on this planet can stop you from expressing yourself. You want to wear a weed leaf on your chest, you do just that. 

Here at Think Hemp Chicks were all about the cannabis lifestyle. We have plenty of apparel that allows you to rock that canna-hemp leaf with pride. Rock a necklace, earrings, a tee, whichever you choose. Heck, rock cannastyle in the office with our mugs. We think cannabis and hemp are amazing gifts from the earth that have powerful, natural qualities that promote wellness. 

So, be brave, be bold, be true to you.  Forget society’s norms. Hemp and cannabis are great, it deserves to be worn and recognized. 

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